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Addis Ababa Institute of Technology
Contact Information
P.O. Box: 
King George VI Street
Addis Ababa
info [at] aait [dot] edu [dot] et

Chair of Environmental Engineering
Chair of Process Engineering and Industrial Technology
Chair of Food Engineering
Chair of Leather Technolgy
Chair of Biochemical Engineering
Chair of Geotechnical Engineering
Chair of Construction Technology and Management
Chair of Road and Transport Engineering
Chair of Structural Mechanics
Chair of Conctrete Structures
Chair of Hydrology and Water Ressources Engineering
Chair of Hydraulics and Water Infrastructures
Chair of Communication Engineering
Chair of Electrical Power Engineering and Energy Technology
Chair of Computer Engineering and Microelectronics
Chair of Industrial Engineering
Chair of Mechanical Design
Chair of Railway Engineering
Chair of Thermal Engineering


The Institute of Technology at the Addis Ababa North Campus will be a home for Engineering studies that is focused on educating professionals and creating knowledge to serve Ethiopia’s needs. AAIT will be the first Institute of Technology in Ethiopia to reach international recognition in its research and will achieve highest employability for its graduates.


  • To educate prospective graduates, provide and create knowledge and develop skills in the Information Technology and Engineering disciplines most needed by the Ethiopian industry.
  • To conduct technology-based applied research, projects and studies that are based on priorities that reflect the needs of the country.
  • To create an environment that is conducive to the cultivation of social skills and entrepreneur­ship among students and staff
  • To serve as a model for other educational institutions within the country and provide them with the necessary technological education and advanced training
  • To cooperate with all relevant stakeholders in promoting and developing local, regional and national technological know-how
  • To establish close collaboration between industry, the Government, the community, TVET and AAIT
  • To introduce key performance indicators in order to measure and constantly improve success in teaching, projects and research.


Current research projects
Area of research
Study programmes
Current partners

KTH, Sweden
IIT, Delhi, India
RMIT University, Australia
University of Toronto, Canada
University of Trontheim, Norway
University of Conneticut, USA

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